Part 1 - Why to Build a Bigger Customer Email List

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    By Anastasia Harold

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    Getting your customers to give up their email addresses can be extremely difficult. But building a large and accurate customer list is crucial for your business success. First let’s talk about why you should be collecting your customer’s email addresses, then I’ll tell you how to make it easy.

    You need to stay in touch with your customers: Homeowners are likely to forget about their HVAC system, until it’s not working. By sending them an email periodically, you can help them remember to get it tuned up, or change their filter. As an added bonus, if they’re considering a new system or other HVAC product, they’ll have your information near the top of their inbox and can reach out to you first!

    You can make more money on the customers you already have: By sending your customers a discount on service or maintenance, you can entice them to get more work done with you. If you offer additional services, such as appliance repair or plumbing work, email is a great way to gently let your customers know. You can introduce them to this information by sending a coupon.

    You want feedback from your customers: When you have a customer’s email address, you can send them surveys to ask about their experience. This will give you the opportunity to fix an issue before they take their grievances to the internet. And speaking of the internet, you can also ask your customers to leave you positive reviews online.

    In Part 2, I’ll teach you how to easily get your customer’s email addresses every single time.

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