To Print or Not to Print [Part 1 of 3]

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    By The Coolfront Content Team

    Six months ago, you made the plunge and went mobile. You invested in digital this, wireless that. Everyone in the company has access to a computer, smartphone or a tablet. You were going ‘paperless’ – maybe not 100%, but there should be less of it right? So, why is there still so much of it floating around? Do we really need to still print all this stuff?!? Maybe, maybe not. It’s time to play “To Print or Not to Print!”

    Consider the below scenarios. Would you “Print or Not Print?”

    Scenario #1:

    Your Customer refuses to give you their email address. Print or Not Print?

    Scenario #2:

    You have a veteran technician who refuses to hop on the paperless bandwagon and still carts out paper receipts to all his customers. Print or Not Print?

    Scenario #3:

    You capture credit card information on all of your paper invoices that you’ve “filed” away in a desk drawer … unlocked. Print or Not Print?

    Scenario #4:

    You’re looking for ways to cut costs in your back office. Print or Not Print?


    #1 - PRINT!

    The customer is ALWAYS right. If they want a paper receipt you should comply and provide a paper receipt. Having said that, plenty of your customers will take an emailed receipt once offered the option. Instruct office staff and techs to ask every customer for an email address. For those who don’t have one, obviously they’re going to need paper. So be it. For those that do, let them know that they will be receiving an electronic receipt. Make note of this so you know their preference next time.

    #2 - NOT PRINT!

    Just because one employee out of several refuses to make changes, doesn’t mean you let him or her continue practicing old ways. Take a moment to dig into the situation with them. How are things going with the new system? How have their processes changed? What are they printing and why? Many times you will find that people continue to print just because “this is the way I’ve always done it.” We are all creatures of habit. Walk through the same process with them without printing.

    #3 - NOT PRINT!

    Storing sensitive customer information, like credit card numbers, in a non-secure place is really risky. Electronic filing can be safer than paper filing. Find out more on electronic filing here. And remember if you’re printing out classified information, always shred it after use or lock up the files properly.

    #4 - NOT PRINT!

    According to, the typical office worker uses 10,000 pieces of paper in a year. The costs of paper, pricey ink cartridges, postage, envelopes, and printing equipment add up. If you’re looking to cut your costs, going paperless will help reduce your office’s overhead. Use this calculator to estimate how much money and time you could save by reducing paper.

    Be Patient...

    You’re not going to go paperless overnight, but you can certainly reduce your dependence on it and get more productive, secure, and profitable at the same time. Be sure everyone understands that they don’t have to stop printing, they just need to do it smarter. Remember to continually talk to your staff and reinforce the message. Also make sure you practice what you preach. If you talk a good game, but still print everything, guess what? So will your staff. Want to learn more about going paperless? Visit the Paperless Project here.

    Check out “To Print or Not Print: Part 2” when we explore mobile printer options!



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