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    By Tom Talbot

    Tom T

    Exciting news! Now you can accept debit or credit cards in the field without even leaving the comfort of the Coolfront App. Introducing Coolfront Payments, powered by Clearant. No more billing the customer later and follow up calls to collect payment.

    Set Up’s A Piece Of Cake

    It’s as easy as signing up for an account with Clearant. Then you just enter your customer’s info while out on the job and hit the pay now button. Done! Eventually it will be even easier when we add swiping and dipping capabilities. And you night owls can collect payment up to 11pm. Most payment apps cut off at 6pm.

    Let the Cash Flow

    We all know how important cash flow is in a small business. You have supplies and equipment to buy, gas to put in the trucks, payroll.  With Coolfront Payments you can get paid faster. No more calling and hounding customers to pay up.

    Great Rates - No Games

    Most of us cringe when trying to figure out the hidden fees associated with credit cards. With Coolfront Payments there are none. Just competitive rates and transparency.  


    Enhance the Customer Experience

    Customers don’t carry cash anymore though you may get a few old schoolers breaking out the checkbook. (Checks work with Coolfront Payments, too). Most customers want to pay with their card and be done with it.

    Get Your Learn On!

    Check out the the following to get started. 

    How to Get Started with Coolfront PaymentsHow To Accept Payments in the Field with Coolfront Payments 

    Get your payment game on with Coolfront Payments. Your customers will thank you and so will your office staff!



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