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    By Hailey Mastin

    Hailey Mastin HeadshotHello! My name is Hailey and I am the new Customer Success Specialist at Coolfront. Having just moved back from Colorado, I'm excited to bring a fresh new viewpoint to the Customer Success Team!  I've worked in a variety of different industries with a wide range of personalities so learning about the HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical spaces will be a fun challenge.  Even with all that knowledge, it's all about the customer at the end of the day, so bringing empathy and understanding will be my jam!

    I’m a fairly quirky person that is always looking for the positive spin, or at least trying to.  I love learning and figuring things out—whether that's a mental task or tinkering with a gadget.

    The three words that best describe me are inquisitive, charismatic and easy-going.

    Fall is my favorite season. Have you been outside in a sea of changing leaves?  It is the most beautiful thing ever and the weather is still agreeable for hiking and outdoor activities!

    In my free time you'll likely find my husband and I chasing our daughter around. She's just about walking age, so it'll be a whole new ball game here soon.  Of all the things she does, my favorite is watching her figure out and explore the world around her.

    As far as entertainment my favorite TV show is The Office, favorite movie is  Stardust (The book is a good read as well! It's by Neil Gaiman). My favorite Books? I’m all about HP (Harry Potter), I'm also a fan of Harold and the Purple Crayon.

    Many people describe me as the gym class warrior because if there's an activity, I'll put my all into it—kickball, soccer, dodgeball, triathlons—count me in!  I've taken up frisbee golf in the last few years as well. I highly suggest checking it out.

    If I could choose a superpower, even though I have a small fear of heights, I'd love to be able to fly!  It just would be cool to fly around town and maybe around the world if I wanted to.


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