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    By Jim Knapp

    Jim K

    Coolfront introduced a new version of our search engine in December, 2016. That’s more than two years ago. Although we spent a lot of time creating it, that was only the beginning. Like any toddler the Coolfront search engine is still learning new things every day. And there’s a lot to learn. Local colloquialisms need to be understood; like how evap, indoor coil, evaporator, and cooling coil are all the same thing. There have been distinctions to learn, like how a plumbing vent is different from a duct vent or a chimney vent. Misspellings are easy to make when typing into a small device; so the search engine learns those too as they occur, like learning that a curcuit is really a circuit.

    The search engine has also been gathering information about cross referencing and superseded parts. Searching for a part number nowadays may take you to a repair with a newer part number, or to a functionally equivalent generic repair.

    Lastly, the Coolfront search engine looks at missed searches. Missed searches are those that didn’t get added to an invoice. The search engine looks at these and tries to determine why they weren’t used; hopefully making changes to improve the results of future searches by making new or even better connections in our database.

    Every youngster needs help learning the ropes from their elders. By clicking on the links embedded in the search box and adding comments.


    or letting us know what we missed.


    Many of you have helped make the Coolfront search engine more useful and powerful.

    So, thanks! And here’s to many more years of learning.




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