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    By Tom Talbot

    Tom T

    Summer’s winding down and heating season is right around the corner. Are you ready for Tune Up season? Maintenance agreements offer your service business many benefits - check out a few below! 


    Service Agreement programs are a must in the HVAC world, streamlining the whole process, keeping cash flowing and cutting down on downtime. Maintenance agreements provide guaranteed income and aren’t dependent on the weather, season etc. It’s a great way to grow your core business and keep the money flowin’. For more on this see The Real Value of a Maintenance Agreement.  


    When a customer signs up for a maintenance agreement program it’s a great benefit to both parties. The customer gets peace of mind and is confident that their system will work when they need it to. They also will get preferential treatment. For the contractor—they get steady payments keeping them busy during slow periods. They also are rewarded with loyalty. As long as the tech show up when they are supposed to and keeps the equipment maintained, the customer will more than likely keep paying and purchase from them when they need new equipment.  This is discussed previously in Maintenance Agreements Mean Loyalty.


    Rewarding techs that sell maintenance agreements with commissions can only help your business. But not many technicians are salesmen so you have to make sure they are well prepared. If your system is set up properly it should be a relatively easy upsell which could result in a windfall for your company over the years. Check out Service Agreements and Coolfront Agreements for more. Need help with selling more maintenance agreements? Here are 9 steps

    Need an easy way to manage and automate your maintenance agreement program?

    Coolfront Agreements has you covered on everything other than turning the wrench. (Though we do have experts on staff that were technicians and turned many wrenches over the years.) For a better way to manage, track, call and email customers check out Coolfront Agreements.


    Ready to learn more about automating your maintenance agreement program? Book a free demo today.  

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