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    By Anastasia Harold

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    As busy as we are, sometimes we don’t have the time to customize our technology. But taking the time to change your settings can same you time and hassle. Here’s some quick tips for iPhone users that will make your life a little easier!
    Reader View - If you haven’t used Reader View, you absolutely have to. Most websites are flooded with ads and pop ups that distract from the content we’re trying to see. Reader View immediately hides all of that, showing only the text and images on the page. It’s great for reading articles without all the outside information.  


    Do Not Disturb - You probably already know how to use Do Not Disturb on the iPhone. Some of us are afraid to miss an important call, though. Under your settings, you can customize your Do Not Disturb to still allow calls from Favorite Contacts, or all Contacts. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a quiet evening with your family without any spam or robodialers. Now you can!


    Accessibility - We won’t make fun of your “old eyes,” promise. Sometimes you can’t read small text, like a menu in a dimly lit restaurant. With Accessibility, you can set it up so a triple click on the home button opens a Magnifier. It functions like the zoom on your camera, so that you can enlarge anything you need to see close up.


    I’m always down to hear about your iPhone and Apple time savers! Share them with me on Twitter @CoolfrontStasia



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