Never Refund Your Service Call Fee

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    By Anastasia Harold

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    This topic comes up a lot, and I think it’s about time we talk about it. Never, ever, EVER refund your service call fee.

    There are many reasons, but the top few are below:

    Customers know that nothing is truly free, and they’re going to pay for it somehow. Unless you run a Free HVAC Charity, your customers know that they’re going to pay for your services one way or another. When you “credit” or discount the service call fee, customers are smart and they know they’re going to pay for it in the repair.

    When you refund your service call fee, you’re telling your customers it was a bogus charge to begin with. This is bad for two reasons:

    1. It’s bad for our industry. We don’t want to tell customers that there is no value in having a trained professional come out to their house and diagnose their system
    2. If the customer believes you were about to saddle them with a bogus charge, you lose credibility.

    As you certainly know, sending a trained service professional to a home or business isn’t free. When you refund the service call fee, you are always losing money. Again, if you’re not running a Free HVAC Charity, this is bad. Even if your technicians are proficient salespeople, there will always be times when you’re losing money. It’s always going to be difficult to recoup that cost by charging more for repairs, and it’s not an exact science.

    This is the part where we could tell you about any exceptions - but there aren’t any. For your business, for the industry, and for your customers too, never ever EVER refund your service call fee.





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