Why Mobile Payments Blow Traditional Payment Methods Away

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    By ProPay/TSYS

    The more you do to make things easier for your customers and clients, the more likely they will become loyal users of your products or services. Whether you are a small startup firm or a major company looking to improve your bottom line, one area where you can really offer them convenience is in the payment process.

    If your business has been relying on traditional payment methods, such as one or more cash registers in fixed locations with lines of people queuing up to pay, you should know that mobile payments are a superior alternative that will save your customers time. Implementing a mobile payment system will reduce your transaction costs, improve security to say nothing of saving time and making payments easy for your customers.

    Mobile is Always Where You Are

    Traditional payment systems slow down the purchasing process. Mobile payment capabilities make it easier to finish the sale. When a salesperson is done assisting a customer in making a selection, he or she can finish the transaction on the spot instead of having the customer walk over to the cashier.

    Imagine customers browsing for items on the shelves of your new boutique or at a fundraising event with a live or silent auction. With a ProPay swipe device connected to a laptop (ProPay FLASH), tablet computer or smartphone (ProPay JAK™), your staffers can process the payment from any location. Providing convenient service like this will encourage customers to keep coming back for more.

    If you’ve been running your business on a cash-only basis, such as at a farmer’s market or food truck, you can easily use mobile payment technology to process credit card transactions, noted a recent article at American Express. 

    Improved Attention to Security

    Identity theft and other forms of cybercrime are a growing problem and companies that address the security issues in their payment system can advertise this fact to their customers to ease their safety concerns.

    ProPay’s secure payment options give you the ability to accept credit card and debit card transactions and ACH payments and without having to store, process or transfer the data. ProPay’s ProtecPay® service provides encryption and tokenization of sensitive customer data to ensure it is secure.

    A single security breach can spell disaster for your business, leading to a public relations nightmare and the exodus of your customers as they look for a company that is able to properly manage their financial details.

    Savvy business owners looking to improve their customer experience will want to take advantage of mobile payments with the ProPay swipe device. You’ll speed up each transaction and will enjoy improved security and provide the convenience your customers will enjoy.


    Coolfront Mobile, the zero-cost flat rate pricing app for the HVAC, electrical and plumbing industries accepts ProPay secure credit card payment processing in the field. 

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