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    By Judy Hull


    Judy“Help, my work order for Jonathan Doe is gone!”  We hear this panicked call frequently but don’t worry it is most likely in your Archive.  Coolfront will never delete any of your work orders. “But I have thousands of work orders in my Archive, how do I find what I’m looking for?”  We have an easy solution to that issue too. Filters to the rescue and I don’t mean air filters. Corny, OK let's focus! 

    Before we get to find work orders let me explain how the work orders get to the Archive.  Work orders that have a status of Completed or Paid will automatically be archived in 7 days.  Work orders that have a status of New or Started will go to the Archive in 30 days if left untouched. 

    If you have Admin or Office privileges you will click on Archive from your home screen of the Coolfront App.  There are filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. The same filters are also found in the Work Orders section of the Coolfront App. 


    The maximum result is 250 so you will want to pull the date range for your specific need.  For example,  If you are looking for all of your Paid work orders you may want to set the date range for a month or 30 days. If you are looking for a particular customer’s work orders you can have your date range cover several years. Here's a full how to on how to restore archived work orders. And here's a video on using work order filters. Need help finding a work order?  We are just a phone call away!


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