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    By The Coolfront Content Team

    DatabaseWhat Makes Coolfront's Database So Great?

    When you think of a database, it doesn’t sound very exciting. It’s just a bunch of numbers, algorithms and research wrapped up in an organized, searchable document, right? Well, yes and no.

    Yes—it is structured data that is accessible. But it’s much more than that—it’s the type of data and how it is used that’s really important. Our database at Coolfront® Technologies is the key to helping our clients do better business.

    Coolfront Technologies boasts the most robust parts and repairs database in the industry, a culmination of years of research and tireless updating. It’s what feeds all our products and offerings and differentiates us from the competition. Let’s take a look inside the Coolfront “Flux Capacitor” (remember “Back to the Future”?).

    The database currently contains over 27,000 repairs that are used throughout the HVAC, electrical and plumbing industries. Through the use of Coolfront Mobile our online app, and Coolfront Books, the repairs and parts are used to give the techs in the field an accurate price for most types of repairs. Factor in your own markups and rates and you have a final flat rate price for each repair which is the magic of Coolfront Technologies.

    Why our Database is Unmatched

    Our database experts are constantly reviewing and monitoring the database to update prices and create new repairs while removing repairs that have become obsolete. Many companies talk up the size of their database but fail to mention that they never remove outdated repairs. Our database is lean and mean—optimized to give you the most current and accurate prices. Every part in our database is updated at least twice a year, usually much more than that.

    There are many factors to consider as we try to stay ahead of the trends in the industry. When there’s a change in the industry we want to be ahead of that curve. When techs search for a new part that was introduced—it’s usually already in our database. That’s because we have in-house experts and techs in the field working in tandem. We also partner with our clients to add and modify new repairs. Keeping a close eye on the leading trade publications helps too.  The database also has to be closely monitored as the price for commodities such as metals and refrigerants continually fluctuates.

    Custom Repairs

    You may live in a part of the country that has unique repairs not used in the rest of the country. No problem—we’ve got your back. One example of this would be a repair on an evaporative or “swamp” cooler used in hot climates. Many parts of the country have never even heard of this but these air conditioning units are used all the time in the southwestern United States. If there’s a need in the industry our database experts are on it.

    Always Fresh, Never Stale

    Some businesses tell us they have their own database that they have set up and maintain. When it’s set up the intentions are always to keep it updated but that rarely happens—who’s got the time for that? But it has to be updated and that’s the beauty of Coolfront’s systems. It takes time—lots of time to keep the database current, to the tune of 40-60 hours per week. Our database is always being updated.



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