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    By Tom Talbot

    Tom T

    A 2018 survey asked consumers which payment method they preferred. 80% chose debit or credit cards. A paltry 14% chose cash.

    What are the benefits of using credit cards to purchase goods or services? There are many.

    • Convenience: Carrying around cash and change is a pain in the neck. And don’t get me started on the loose change or pennies. Credit cards are resilient and are replaced every few years. It’s also easier to track a purchase when paying with a card. And no paper receipts!
    • Security: Have you ever lost cash? I have and there aren’t a whole lot of people turning in lost cash. It can also get damaged, get washed on accident or torn.
    • Protection: This is HUGE. With a  credit card you have a digital trail and can always dispute a charge. With cash--it’s a hassle and sometimes impossible to get a refund.
    • Perks: Many cards offer points to be used for travel or cash back.  

    Encouraging your customers to pay for services with their credit card makes good business sense. It cuts down on paperwork and is more convenient for the customer and the business. It also helps with cash flow as the customer pays immediately rather than waiting for a bill.  

    Why not make it easy for your customers pay the moment your techs finish up the job? With Coolfront Payments the rates are competitive, it’s convenient and your customers can pay right in the Coolfront Mobile app! Check out this video and sign up now!


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