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    By Tom Talbot

    Tom T

    There’s nothing like a good plumbing blog to get your Roto Rootin’.  Here are 5 of the best plumbing blogs you should be reading daily to keep you up on all the latest trends in the plumbing industry. They are in no particular order.

    1. The Plumber

    A nice mix of of DIY help tips and important industry news. Simple layout--easy to read and consume. Organized into 5 categories for easy retrieval: General, Health & Safety, Water Conservation, FAQs and Handbook. 

    2. Roto-Rooter 

    One of the industry leaders does not disappoint in their informative blog. When I punched in “plumber.com” it reroutes here. They definitely spend some time on their blog. It’s super clean and entertaining. There are 5 main categories that turn into numerous subcategories: Residential, Commercial, Water Damage, Questions and Products. Lots of solid information. 

    3. Plumbing Perspective

    I’m not thrilled with how it is organized (when I click on industry blogs it goes right into a blog instead of a list of all available blogs)  but there is a lot of helpful information for the trade here with product reviews, industry news and top headlines. 

    4. Mountains Plumbing

    Basic blog that has a lot of tips and prevention advice. Not broken into categories but lots of interesting content. The reader can also see stories with recent comments and archived content that goes back to 2012. 

    5. Best Plumbing

    This blog is produced by Best Plumbing who have been in business in Puget Sound since 1968. They offer content with their wealth of experience. Recent blogs address repairing or replacing a water heater and sewer inspection.  

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