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    By Tom Talbot


    Here at Coolfront Technologies we are all about flat rate pricing. We have found this to be the best way to run an electrical, plumbing, or HVAC business that will lead you down the road to greater profits.  We recently visited some folks who use Coolfront everyday and I would like to share some of their thoughts.

    "Coolfront Makes Life easier for the office and the service techs."
    - Office Manager, Lake County Mechanical

    No more deciphering bad handwriting back at the office. Office professionals love Coolfront's HVAC estimating app because it simplifies the entire service process, from dispatching to billing.

    “We just didn’t make any money on service, so we [went to] flat rate and that’s when we started making money.”
    - Service Technician, Doug's Heating and Air Conditioning

    Change is never easy but with our Coolfront HVAC estimating App we do everything to make the transition smooth and painless. So many service businesses have struggled over the years with time and materials pricing. With flat rate pricing, your business can charge the correct amount to make sure you are growing and making enough money.

    “Honestly if I didn’t switch to Coolfront where the prices are set and they can’t change them and the customer gets to see them, I don’t know if I would still be in business”
    - Owner, Lake County Mechanical

    One of the great benefits of Coolfront Mobile is that all of your repairs and pricing are in one place, at your fingertips. There’s no calling into the office to get part costs. There’s no time and materials. There’s one electrical, plumbing, or HVAC repair price and customers like that.

    “You put it back into the company, you put it into the trucks, you can get the guys better health insurance, or raises because you’re making more money.”
    - Owner, Palantine Heating & Cooling

    Coolfront gives you the best chance to boost your profits. You can then grow the company and take better care of your employees.

    “I like it because there’s no more guessing on prices. It’s extremely easy to use.”
    - Service and Install Technician, Lake County Mechanical

    The Coolfront Pricing App is super easy to learn and use. And we are constantly adding features that are recommended by the users.

    “I have not had one single complaint from any customer regarding Coolfront.”
    - Office Manager, Lake County Mechanical

    Some worry that their customers will balk at the prices under a flat rate system. We have found just the opposite. Customers welcome an up front price displayed on a mobile device for them to sign off on. It is straightforward and much more professional than the old way of paper tickets and time and materials.

    There you have it, right from the contractor’s mouth. With Coolfront your plumbing, electrical, or HVAC business can become more profitable and your customers will prefer flat rate prices. You win twice!


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