Switching To Flat Rate Pricing: The First 2 Steps

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    By Mary Brown

    Mary_B-2.pngFirst, congratulations! You are choosing to optimize your business with a pricing platform that will accurately reflect your time, materials, overhead, and other associated costs.  

    Now onto the first 2 steps…

    Step 1: Decide what is going to work best for your business – a book-based HVAC flat rate system, or, a mobile-based HVAC software system.  Make a short list that details where your company is now and where you want it to go -- this is important. Focus on where you are heading in order to ensure you are selecting a product that will support you now and in the future.

    Step 2: Choose whether you are going to “do-it-yourself” or select a HVAC software program that handles the nitty gritty flat rate details for you.

    Let’s presume you wish to focus your time on other aspects of running your business instead of looking up part costs daily to make sure your pricing is accurate.  This means you will be selecting a software program to handle the HVAC flat rate pricing aspects.  Good choice!

    The next steps are fairly obvious. Do some research on flat rate software programs. Read reviews (like Capterra) and materials offered on the product websites.  Don’t be afraid to engage with the sales and support personnel.  For example, we here at Coolfront are ready to answer your questions about flat rate and will help your business be profitable, consistent, and efficient. Oh, and we know a thing or two about our zero-cost work order application too.

    Why not start your flat rate research right here at coolfront.com.


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