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    By Anastasia Harold


    In business, customers can often be our biggest challenge. I’ve heard many contractors lament their most difficult clients and homeowners. But I’m here to give you some good news - You Choose Your Customers.

    No really, you do. I’ll explain:

    Your advertising and marketing attract the type of people you work with. Polished and professional marketing attracts polished and professional people. Cheap, low budget advertising and marketing attracts cheap, low budget customers. Evaluate the message you’re sending, and tweak it to fit the right customer.

    As an aside, cheap is not necessarily bad. But, if you’re having frequent issues with customers regarding price, timeliness, and quality of work, consider a different strategy when marketing your service business. Not every customer wants top quality; some just want a quick fix. Some are less concerned with price and more concerned with quality and longevity of the repair or system.

    Some customers are more trouble than they’re worth. Our President Jim D’Amico taught me this priceless piece of wisdom: “Relationships usually end the way they started.” Ouch. Customers that start out being rude and complaining about price will most likely be the ones leaving nasty online reviews. They might also refuse to pay, and otherwise waste your time. If someone is rude to your employees, you may want to consider letting that customer work with someone else.

    On the flip side, customers that are pleasant and patient are more likely to communicate issues with you before they take to the internet to air their grievances. And they’re more likely to appreciate your hard work, which goes a long way for your guys and gals in the field. These are the customers you want to target when marketing your service business.

    Birds of a feather flock together. In business, we know our best customers come from referrals. Doing more work for better quality customers will attract referrals from better quality customers. Imagine all your service calls are planting seeds. Plant the seeds where you want your business to grow.

    The fish rots from the head. On that note, the company culture you nurture in your business will determine the kind of employees you retain. And in turn, those employees will make an impression on the customers. It’s a feedback loop.

    I hope this helps you choose the right customers! If you have questions about marketing your service business, you can tweet me @coolfrontstasia, send me a message on Linkedin or leave your thoughts in the comments.

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