What is "Smarketing" and Does It Really Work?

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By Jay Sackett


After working exclusively in sales for the earliest part of my career, I had little knowledge of the job a marketer had to do. All that I knew was that I relied on marketing to provide me with the tools and resources to assist in getting the sale. So what’s more important...is it sales or is it marketing? In reality one will not exist without the other. Then for the past decade I’ve had the opportunity to work simultaneously in sales and marketing.   

In the past, sales and marketing teams were managed separately and worked completely independent of each other. They had to deal with the frustrations of not understanding each other’s needs to do their job. Some may think that the front line of every company is the sales team. This is the group of experts that provides more customer contact than any other employee in your organization. Day in and day out sales teams are there to pick up the phone without knowing what will be asked of them from the other end of the line. In addition, when the phones aren’t ringing the sales team is expected to provide outbound calls to nurture new prospects into the loop and get them to start using a product and/or service. Can sales do this alone? Not efficiently they can't. Then on the flipside marketing thinks they are the front line team who is there to provide the necessary tools and resources for lead generation and making the sales team look awesome.  

Here at Coolfront we take the Smarketing approach combining our inside sales team and marketing team  into one group we call “Smarketers.” Sales + Marketing = Smarketing. A key part of our strategic plan calls for continued sales growth. To achieve that growth we have complete alignment of our sales and marketing teams to allow us the most efficient process of working through the sales funnel. Together our marketing team utilizes tools like Salesforce for our Customer Management Relationship (CRM) needs and Hubspot as our marketing platform. The integration of these software platforms assists in attracting prospects, converting leads and closing more sales. Our Smarketing team meets once a week to look at metrics, exchange ideas of what’s working and what’s not and brainstorm ideas to fill the sales funnel. This allows our team  complete and open communication.

Does Smarketing really work? At Coolfront we think it does as we’ve aligned both sales and marketing around the same goals. Industry statistics will show that companies who do this show a 20% annual revenue growth. Who wouldn’t want that?


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