“Weather” You Like it Or Not

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    By Anastasia Harold

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    The recent weather reminds me of an old song they used to play on Nickelodeon when I was a kid, “Weather is weather, whether you like it or not!” In an industry so impacted by the weather, it can be stressful and hectic when things aren’t going as planned. You might be way too busy, or not busy enough. So when the weather won’t cooperate, how do you stay sane?

    Have a plan for slow times: If cooling season is taking too long and you’re not getting those “no cooling” calls yet, be prepared to keep your techs and service pros busy. The best way to do it is with maintenance or service agreements. If you need help starting an agreement program or selling more agreements, we can help! 

    Also, have a list of projects ready to go. Maybe the guys need to clean out their trucks or organize the warehouse. Talk with them about what they think needs to be done, too, so you’re not dumping a load of unpleasant busy work on them. It will also reinforce your trust in them and make them feel valued and respected at the company.

    Have a plan for crazy busy times: The status quo might be fine for every day, but when the chocolate sauce hits the fan and the phone is ringing nonstop, you’ll want to be prepared. It’s not efficient to dispatch calls via telephone or text message to your field staff, when the telephone is blowing up with service calls. Coolfront Mobile is a simple and cost effective way to get the important service call info to your team. Features such as Glance Back and the integration with Quickbooks streamline the process and provide your entire staff with important info when they need it.

    Don’t forget to have fun: In my travels, and through my experience, I have found that employees can survive stress and mayhem when there’s some fun involved. And it makes me think of Mary Poppins “A Spoon Full of Sugar”. Office and field staff are far more likely to “roll with the punches” when everyone is pulling together, and there’s a reward at the end. So whether (weather?) its slow or busy, don’t forget to reward your staff with the extra perks that lighten the load. Not sure what to do? Ask them! Every employee can share an idea of something they might enjoy, like beers after work on Friday or free candy in the office.

    What do you do when the weather doesn’t cooperate?