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    Fun Facts

    Jim Knapp presents 10 Facts...just for fun.

    Bernoulli and You

    Take the time machine back to the 17th century for safety advice from a mathematician.

    Schooling Our Search Engine

    And the search capabilities get even better...

    What The Tech? The Tissue Test

    Solving an annoying noise problem can start with the Jim Knapp tissue hack.

    No Outhouse in Eden - A Story of Unintended Consequence

    Jim Knapp is back again with a look at the history of plumbing.

    What The Tech? Should You Sell Surge Protectors?

    To surge or not to surge. Let's ask Jim Knapp.

    What The Tech? Trade War, Schmade War

    Tariff Talk...with Jim Knapp.

    What the Tech? 10 Interesting Facts About Copper

    In The Graduate it was all about "plastics"; Jim Knapp would side with copper.