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Watching Hurricane Matthew’s Path - What It Means For HVAC Businesses

Make sure you are prepared when disaster strikes. Here are some helpful tips to weather the storm.

Your Service Techs Should Embrace Mobile Technology

The benefits of going mobile are huge! Read on to see what your techs can gain from the world of mobile technology.

This Year's Billing Rate Study Guide!

Use our service industry data to determine your rate! We have aggregated plumber hourly rates, electrical rates, and HVAC rates from our very own customers.

The Power of Yelp and Google Reviews

How important are online reviews? Take a look for yourself on how many customers do their homework and how Yelp and Google Reviews can help boost your business!

Why It Pays To Up Your Price

You probably aren't charging enough per hour for your service business. Why is that? Check out the reasoning behind raising your rates and why it pays to up your price.

What Does Zero Cost Really Mean?

Discover the zero-cost Coolfront Mobile App that leads to efficiency, convenience and best of all: profit!

How To Set Up A Landlord & Tenant with Quickbooks & Coolfront

A "how to" for setting up a Landlord/Tenant relationship in Quickbooks for use in Coolfront.

Introducing PartCart - Coolfront's Latest Add-On

Meet the latest Coolfront Mobile Add-On to join the party, PartCart!

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