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    Change Is Scary

    Change is inevitable so you may as well grasp it. Read on for Coolfront's latest change.

    Service Forecast For 2017

    The Old Contractor's Almanac for HVAC businesses uses Coolfront data to forecast 2017 business trends. Browse our HVAC industry analysis and data today!

    3 Things Flat-Rate Nate Wants You To Know!

    Flat Rate Nate comes out strong with a hat trick of factoids about flat rate pricing and how Coolfront can help you implement it.

    The Coolfront Zero-Cost Story

    One of the most common questions about Coolfront's flat-rate pricing app is "How Is It Zero-Cost?" Learn why our HVAC proposal software is zero-cost today!

    6 Real Responses From the Flat Rate Front

    We recently went on the road to chat with some of our customers about Coolfront Mobile and flat rate pricing. Here are their responses.

    Piehole Explainer Video Case Study: Coolfront

    This is our second guest blog from our friends at Piehole featured Coolfront in their case study blog.

    Switching To Flat Rate Pricing: The First 2 Steps

    If you're looking to boost your profits by switching up your pricing model, check out the benefits of flat rate.

    Pricing Consistency Is Key

    Learn why consistent HVAC pricing is a must for your business in this Coolfront article! Our flat rate service pricing app helps you set fair flat rate prices.