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    By Judy Hull & Mike Katz


    Facebook, Yelp, Twitter to name a few have become powerful sales tools in the last few years and why not get the word out that you are social. Most consumers today reach out to social media when researching a company.

    Making it easy for potential customers to find you
    is key!

    Customers can not only find you but they can read reviews and rate your service as well. However, don’t forget social media is fun and interactive! You can share tips or start a conversation and customers and prospective customer can chime in.

    Putting your Social media icon on your website is a great start - but why not go a
    step further?

    Placing your icons on customers work orders is a great and convenient way for customers to stay in touch. In turn you will see referral business, repeat customers and you can communicate things like promotions and messaging regarding seasonal maintenance to name a few.

    An active, professional, social media presence shows your customers that you're up on the latest and greatest. Who wants to do business with Grandpa’s HVAC!?

    So give social media a whirl and see how you can increase revenue today!

    Here's how to add social media links to your work orders:

    Directing your customers to your social media pages is as simple as a few lines of HTML code. Not a computer programer? Don’t worry, neither am I!

    But thankfully, through the magic of “copy and paste”, you too can add these links to the bottom of your Coolfront work orders!

    To start, you will need to know the website URL you would like to direct your customers to. For my example, I’ll use Coolfront’s Facebook page.

    Our Facebook page’s website URL is This link works great, but doesn’t immediately tell a customer where it leads them, or why they should go there.

    Instead, I’d prefer going with the classic “Like Us on Facebook!”, but you are free to determine exactly how you would like your link to be displayed.

    Now that you know the social media page you would like to direct your customer to, and how you would like the link to read, all that is left is to enter the information into the template below.

    Your social media page’s website URL should be copied and pasted to replace the red text, whereas the phrasing you’ve chosen to display to your customer will replace the green text.


    <a href="Internet URL goes here” target="_blank">Title the visitor sees</a>

    Using my previous examples, our code now looks like this:

    Like Us on Facebook!

    The final step is optional, but will allow you to increase the size of the font that your link will be displayed in. This is done by putting a little bit of additional code on each side of the link we’ve just created. The code placed at the beginning of the link reads: and the code placed at the end of the link is . I have highlight the # sign, as you will replace this with a number between 1 and 7, where 1 is the smallest sized font (8pt) and 7 is the largest (36pt).

    I’ve decided I want to display my link in the largest font possible to really attract my customer’s eye, so my coding now looks like this:

    Like Us on Facebook!

    And we’re done! All that’s left is to copy and paste your finished link into the box at the bottom of your Coolfront “Company Info” screen (below the “Heading” box). Your link will now show up at the bottom of your Coolfront Mobile work orders, allowing every customer you email for approval a way to Like, Rate, and Review your exceptional services!



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