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    By Anastasia Harold

    Anastasia Harold.jpgIn previous posts, I wrote about my home security system, Apple Watch and other “smart” devices. But now I’ve got a new favorite, and it might seem unexpected; I LOVE my smart light bulbs.  

    They’re still pretty pricey at about $50 each. I have two LIFX A19 bulbs.

    First of all, they’re impressive. The lights have the ability to emit millions of colors, and they’re extremely bright. All of my guests agree, they’re totally awesome. Whether it’s a calming blue-purple hue for evening, a bright pink for the afternoon, or a subtle yellow nightlight, the degrees of brightness and hue can change the mood and feel of a room with a simple touch of a button. You don’t need to “create” your own colors, either. The app comes pre-loaded with suggestions, such as “Cheerful,” “Mellow,” “Exciting,” and more. My favorites are “Dream” and “Soothing.” The most popular options for my guests are the Creepy Halloween, Strobe Light and color-changing options.

    Smart Bulbs are LEDs, so they should last 20 years or more. $50 doesn’t seem so bad when you consider the lifespan. They’re bright enough to light an entire, rather large, room.

    My lights also work with my brand new Apple HomePod. It might seem silly or unnecessary, but there’s something magical about telling your house to turn your lights on or off for you. It’s even more convenient when your hands are full, or you’re on the couch cuddled up with your family, cat or dog.

    If I haven’t sold you yet, check out my Smart Lights in my home:






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