Sidekicks Part 4 - Takin' It On The Road

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You’re here because you’re looking for information about flat rate pricing and ideas on how to take your service business to the next level. Good news is that’s exactly what the Coolfront blog is designed to do.

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    By The Coolfront Content Team

    For the ones who travel, put in the extra time, are rarely in the office and are pushing new business forward, here’s the team which sometimes never sleeps. Their motto might as well be, “wheel’s up.”

    Tom - Director of Business Development
    Sidekick #TheMole

    Hello my name is Tom. I am the Mole. That’s it. Good Day.

    Todd - Affiliate Manager, Central Region
    Sidekick #FarmFreshTodd
    Hi my name is Todd Masek. Folks call me “Ace” because they always mispronounced Masek.
    I live on a 130 acre cattle farm in Paducah, Ky. with my wife and 3 sons. I stay pretty busy traveling for Coolfront, but in my free time I bail hay, take cattle to market and attend my sons’ ball games. Twice a year I'm blessed with the “privilege” to drive 12 hours each way to our favorite vacation spot—Disney World. Sure flying is more convenient and faster; but my lovely bride prefers if I drive while she sleeps….she's petrified to fly. I love my family and our “old farm dog,” Macy. She's a 13 year old Shepherd mix and thinks she's a 60 lb. lap dog. One thing that keeps the “Ace Family” centered is a quote my wife always reminds us of…”Remember, as far as everyone thinks, we're a nice, normal family.”

    Anastasia - Affiliate Manager, Western Region
    Sidekick #DontLetItPhaseYaStasia
    Hey there! I'm Anastasia, and when it comes to Coolfront technologies, I'm in charge of "settling the West." I'm obsessed with podcasts, politics, internet pop culture and my two cats. I studied Art and majored in Political Science at SUNY Buffalo. After years of waiting tables and originating mortgage loans, I found the best customers and coworkers in the world right here at Coolfront. Sometimes I miss my coworkers, family and friends in Rochester (and mostly Wegman's), but I'm always proud to represent Coolfront from the Valley of the Sun in the great state of Arizona. Go Cards!

    Mike - Affiliate& Advertising Programs Coordinator
    Sidekick #MomentsMike
    I’m Mike, but as a hockey player for the majority of my life, I’m used to being called by a slight variation of my last name (Katz): “Katzy”. Outside of playing, I’ve also coached at many levels including developmental camps and in ACHA Division III at Arizona State University. I’ve lived in 7 different States, driven through 34, and been to a total of 35. Eventually, I’d like to visit the remaining 15. As for a favorite quote? Well, “A witty saying proves nothing” - Voltaire.


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