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You’re here because you’re looking for information about flat rate pricing and ideas on how to take your service business to the next level. Good news is that’s exactly what the Coolfront blog is designed to do.

No sales pitches. No gimmicks. No jargon. Just HVAC industry news, tips, and insights from a team of people who get the biz, so you can stay at the top of your game. Because we’re your sidekick for success – and that’s what sidekicks do.  Take a look around & stay awhile!

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    By The Coolfront Content Team


    This spunky group oversees all daily operations of Coolfront Technologies. From Paul's laundry list of new ideas, to making sure that the Coolfronters are happy and paid. This team does a lot for the office and we’re all extremely appreciative of them! 

    Paul - VP of Operations & Product Development

    Sidekick #AppMan

    Hey, it's Paul, the App Man, here. Seinfeld fans will appreciate that loose reference. I'm a sun loving, guitar strumming, humor slinging, conspiracy craving, sports watching, technophile. Is it strange that my favorite movie is the very dark "V for Vendetta" while my favorite place to visit is Disney World? Or that I love the sunshine yet live in a city with the second fewest days of sun in the country? Good thing my wife, kids, and dogs keep me grounded. 11/5!


    Courtney - HR Generalist

    Sidekick #TheNewKid

    I’m Courtney and I’m the “new kid” at CoolfrontI just started this week! My favorite season would hands down be summer. I love the hot weather, flip flops and late night campfires. I really dislike the snowy, cold winters here in Rochester and become a Netflix junkie those months! I’m not much of a sports fan, however, my 16 month old baby is named Brady and if you ask my husband, he may or may not have been named after a certain football player. Along with my “baby”, I have a 7 year old step-son, husband and two dogs (lab mix & lhasa-poo) that keep me on my toes!


    Joe - Accounting Clerk

    Sidekick #joecool

    My name is Joe.  Everyone in the office calls me Joe Cool, cuz I am :) My favorite season by far is Summer. I love opening the windows in the house and car and feeling that warm summer air.  There’s nothing better than sitting outside on a gorgeous Summer night. After I retire, I'd like to move to the west coast so I can have Summer all of the time. I love listening to music and I also spend a great deal of my free time going to my kids activities. I have a daughter, Marissa and son, Matthew. Their activities are year round. Hockey, baseball, soccer, volleyball, dance and the list goes on. I enjoy going to their events as well as the families and friends that we meet. I like watching baseball and football and I'm in fantasy leagues for both.  I try and keep things as laid back as possible. That's why I'm Joe Cool!


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