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    By Anastasia Harold

    4I am a total podcast junkie. But whenever I ask someone "Do you listen to podcasts?" they always reply sheepishly "No, but I should," almost as if listening to podcasts is like going to the gym.

    There's a ton of podcasts out there and some are amazing and some are just plain boring.

    So I did you a huge favor and picked out my 5 favorite podcasts episodes for newbies!

    BONUS: They're all HVAC/plumbing/electrical/service contractor themed. Just for you!

    1. Fountain Drinks by 99% Invisible

    The history of the drinking fountain is way more interesting than you think. From one of my favorite podcasts, 99% Invisible, check out this episode. You can stream or download it below:


    2. #3 Concrete by Surprisingly Awesome

    Another oddly fascinating topic: Concrete. After you listen to this one, you'll be telling your friends about concrete over beers. Stream or download below:


    3. Success by TED Radio Hour (NPR)

    Listen to this one to feel professionally rejuvenated


    4. Guerrilla Public Service by 99% Percent Invisible

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if you created and put up your own street sign? I did and this podcast answered all my questions.


    5. #26 Craigslist, Horsley’s List by ReplyAll

    Okay, this one isn't about HVAC or plumbing or electrical. But it made me laugh AND cry. And ReplyAll is my absolute favorite podcast.


    If none of these are doing it for you, tweet me - because I have more!

    Hey @CoolfrontStasia - What other podcasts should I be following?? #CoolfrontMobile

    And I love hearing about new podcasts so if you know of one, drop a tweet! :)



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