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    By Jim Knapp


    At the risk of reducing Coolfront’s profits and delaying my retirement date, I have been asked to describe some techniques that you can use to reduce the cost of your Coolfront work orders.


    First, you can start by looking at how you are doing. Simply click on the Get Savvy link of your administrator’s homepage.  There you will see two bits of information that let you know how much of your Coolfront work order fees you have “got back,”  For those who don’t know about our “Zero Cost Story,” every normal line item on your work orders has 1 work order charge added to it.  That means if you have 3 normal line items (each with a work order charge added into it) you will pay for 1 work order, but collect for three.  That means you’ve “got back” more than you’ve spent for this work order.  Over time you should come out ahead or break even after you count in the work orders that didn’t include a billable line item.  


    The technique for recouping even more of your work order costs is to use as many “normal” line items as possible. Any repair that you choose from our database will have a work order charge added to it automatically.  So, you’re covered there.  

    The place to save money is on the Custom Repairs; either single use or permanent.  If you use the flat-fee option the cost of the work order is not added into the repair price.  The reason for not adding the cost of the work order into the price is that that would make it a different price than the flat fee.  Now, you could add the work order cost in before you quote the flat fee…...like making the repair below $302.00 instead of $300.00.  That will work fine, assuming that you never forget to add in the work order amount.  I know for myself that I would forget to add in the extra money about half the time.  Over the course of the year those forgotten charges would add up.


    However, if you make it a habit to use the calculated fee, by entering the time and part cost into the appropriate windows, the work order fee will be automatically added to the repair price every time.


    If your technician doesn’t have the costs handy, you can fill it in for them from the office.  Let Coolfront do the math, and save you some money at the same time!



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