Reasons Your Service Biz Should Use (and Love) Google Calendar

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    By The Coolfront Content Team

    calendar-iconGoogle Calendar is a godsend for busy service businesses trying to schedule multiple technicians in the field. It has a ton of handy features and is relatively simple to set up and get going. Let’s take a look at 5 of these features:

    Maybe the best reason to use Google Calendar is the Map feature. There is a small link under the “where” field in your Google Calendar. It’s a shame the link is so subtle because it is so powerful.

    That link launches Google Maps which gives your team full access to Google’s map functionality including turn-by-turn directions. The fastest and most precise route leads to savings on gas and less wear and tear to your vehicle. It also saves you time.

    Google Calendar sends an alert to your smart device every time an event is added to your calendar. If there’s an update to the schedule— your techs will know about it.

    Because each employee’s calendar can be shared, a business can have one master schedule made up of everyone’s sub calendars. This makes it simple for the office administrator to check out each person’s schedule at a glance. The admin can then change and update schedules on the fly. And the changes are posted instantly.

    Color coding
    Each employee has a unique color assigned to their sub calendar making it easy to identify each person’s schedule for the day. If you don’t like the color assigned to you—you can even change that.

    Another great reason to use Google Maps is that it’s fully integrated with Coolfront Mobile (shameless self plug). That’s right—now you can access Google Calendar right from the Coolfront Mobile app. Making changes in Google Calendar is as easy as tapping on the Add Ons link.



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