Real Time Service Mobility – A Necessity for Technicians and Customers

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    By The Coolfront Content Team

    Mobility is not only a smartphone out in the field anymore. Mobile tools and apps utilizing real time data are tools to be used by the industry to streamline and improve the entire service call process.

    We found some neat research by Aberdeen that shows 82% of service companies believe mobility is an important initiative for their company in the next year (Service Mobility: The RightTechnology for the Tech).

    So here’s the mobile technology low-down for your service biz.

    Improved efficiency

    Back in the “old” days, paper-based systems led to all kinds of human errors—mistakes that cost companies and customers big money. Technicians had to fill out forms in a timely manner. Then they had to make sure the paperwork ended up in the right hands back at the office. The customer couldn’t be billed until the paperwork went through the system. Sounds like an extremely inefficient way to do business, right?

    smartWith mobile tools and apps, many of these administrative obstacles are ancient history.

    Forms are now fields on a pad or phone that are filled out in the simplest manner—no more illegible chicken scratch on a piece of paper that will get lost in the glove compartment on the way back to the office.

    Approval for the work order is fast and efficient because the folks back at the office have the information immediately.

    The customer can now see what the job will cost immediately. They also can be invoiced right away and pay as soon as the job is completed.

    Technicians can reorder stock and act as a company representative, up-selling additional services and maintenance.

    Mobility means money (how's that for alliteration?)

    moneyMobility drives profits. With real-time data available, the service technician has the opportunity to sell more equipment and services.

    Mobility allows for collaboration. When technicians can connect with other technicians, problems on-site can be solved much more quickly and efficiently. This leads to repeat business.

    Fix it right the first time

    toolsIt is imperative to make sure a service call concludes with a satisfied customer. Real time data can make sure this happens. As seen in another Aberdeen study, Fixing First-Time Fix:Repairing Field Service Efficiency to Enhance Customer Returns, companies with 80+ first time fix rate success were much more likely to have satisfied customers that planned on returning.

    Real-time data is a godsend for technicians who need information immediately to diagnose and fix problems.

    Everybody wins with data integration

    As you can see, real-time service mobility boosts the productivity of technicians and allows them to sell more. Administrative tasks are minimized, allowing more focus in the field. Time and profits are maximized. And at the end of the day you have a happy, satisfied customer. Sounds like a good plan to us - do you agree?



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