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No-go-tiating Your Service Business

A service company dispatches a technician to complete a repair in a customer’s home. As you know, most customers are looking for the best deal possible.

New Year's Resolutions

Many contractors that we come into contact with don’t charge enough to make a reasonable profit. With flat rate pricing you can raise your rates with very

When a CEO Invests In It's Employees

Unfortunately, yes, there is an upfront cost to providing education and development classes to your employees. But does that upfront cost pay itself back? Investing in employees is the key to a successful business!

3 Financial Success Tips for Small Businesses

Here are some ways to give your small business the financial enhancement it needs to get ahead.

Are Your Service Dollars Wilting?

Dollars today aren’t worth what dollars were worth even a year ago. And when looking at the wilting of the dollar’s value over time, every service business could use something. Flat rate pricing maybe? Read on to find out1

Marketing Automation and Computer Geeks

Marketing automation, social media, customer reviews, the list can go on and on. Coolfront started with a computer geek and a service tech walking into a bar (figuratively speaking of course).

Coolfront Mobile 30 Days Using

Your first month using Coolfront Mobile brought to you by Flat Rate Nate.

Why Mobile Payments Blow Traditional Payment Methods Away

The more you do to make things easier for your customers and clients, the more likely they will become loyal users of your products or services. See how a mobile payment system can blow traditional payment methods away!

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