Silly girls, yoga is for guys too!

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    By Anastasia Harold

    Anastasia Harold.jpg

    Have you seen this viral video of construction workers stretching? It’s viral because it looks silly, but it got me thinking about our customers and how we can help them in new ways.

    A few years ago, I noticed a trend - everyone was doing yoga. On top of that, everyone doing yoga was trying to get everyone else to do it too. If I want to relax, I grab a pillow and take a nap. Brian Regan pretty much summed up my feelings on the topic.

    Well, after a few years riding in airplanes and taking cross country road trips, my back and body was getting a little angry. I thought to myself, “ugh, maybe it’s time to check out this yoga thing.” So hear me out, I think you should try it and I promise you won’t regret it.

    If you work in the field, I bet your body takes a much worse beating than mine does. The truth is, it’s much easier and cheaper to take care of your body than try to fix it when it’s broken. You might think “I want a massage,” but it’s too expensive or you don’t have the time. Yoga is surprisingly similar. Imagine your body as a wrinkled t-shirt - yoga is like ironing out that shirt. It feels good. And the more you do it, the more you feel a difference (and it doesn’t take long).

    Fortunately for me, I found a yoga instructor on YouTube (FREE!) and it was the opposite of what I expected, and everything I needed for my ailments. That would be my recommendation for a starting point.

    Yoga isn’t about sweating or contorting your body into weird shapes, if that’s not what you want. And it isn’t about sitting on the floor and breathing either, but you can do that, too. Every night, I spend 20-30 minutes “uncrumpling.” In the morning, I just feel better. It’s such a tiny investment of time and the benefits far outweigh the mild inconvenience. At the end of the day, I used to throw myself in bed and hope for the best. Now I look forward to 20 minutes, thanking my muscles and bones for getting me through the day and taking care of my body so we can do it again tomorrow.

    Yoga is good for the body, and the Coolfront Mobile app is great for your peace of mind! Try Coolfront Mobile and take the heat out of running your service business.