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    By Nate Winans

    Nate_W.png Reach into your pocket and you’ll see that you probably have $1.85 in change.  If you don’t have any change in your pocket, this still relates to you! What’s the best way to spend that $1.85? You could put it towards a burger, a hot dog, a soda, or you could spend it on your mobile work order app and actually keep the $1.85.

    You read that correctly, though our Coolfront Mobile work order app costs $1.85 for each work order, the service pays for itself. We call it our zero-cost flat rate pricing app.

    This will:

    • Keep track of work orders
    • Payment collection on the spot
    • Help to automate accounting with QuickBooks integration
    • Keep a dispatch board and track technicians
    • Include flat-rate pricing at no additional cost

    Many systems include some of these features, but not all of them. In other systems, the money you spend will be made back over time, but that’s the problem, over time. Coolfront includes the $1.85 in every single repair so you recover that $1.85!

    We offer dispatching by integrating the Coolfront mobile work order app with your existing Google Calendar. This allows you to create your work orders in Coolfront, and they will automatically transfer to your Google Calendar. Not only will they show up on the calendar, but we can also help you set it up so each technician has their own calendar so they only see their jobs. So again, for $1.85 you can have all of this, unlimited support, and still recover the cost of the program. We also start you out with 50 trial work orders at no cost to test out the program. This way you can ensure that Coolfront and all the features we offer will be a great fit for you and your company.

    We’re always happy to answer questions and provide training throughout the trial, and after the trial. Our support staff can be reached at or 888-229-4100. For additional information on other products we offer at Coolfront, check out Switching to a Mobile Service.


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