Maintenance Agreements, A Good Business Decision - Part 7

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    By Jim D'Amico


    In Part 6 of this series, we discussed some of the challenges to overcome when beginning a maintenance agreement program.

    Looking at all that goes into a successful maintenance agreement program, you may want to know, “Is there a system available to help me sell, track, schedule, collect, report and renew my maintenance agreements?”

    The answer is, “Yes.  Coolfront Agreements from Coolfront Technologies has the perfect solution to support your maintenance agreement campaign for both now and in the future.”

    Coolfront Agreements provides:

    • Professionally-designed brochures, sell sheets and reminder direct-mail cards to boost agreement sales.
    • The system will track sales from the field and display detailed information at a glance about the timing and need of maintenance visits.
    • It will assist with scheduling with automated reminders to your customers by email and phone.
    • Credit card collection is automated with either monthly or annual collection.
    • Performance reports provide sales and commission tracking to target areas for improvement.
    • Agreement renewals become a snap with up-to-the-minute identification of customers coming due or overdue for agreement renewal.

    Here’s the best part.  Coolfront Agreements requires no software investment, no software upgrades and no support fees.  The low monthly fees can be offset by a small increase in your maintenance agreement fee charged to your customers.

    We certainly hope this series was helpful.  If you would like to comment please email

    Already have a maintenance agreement program and want to grow it?  Check out our maintenance agreement marketing and management system, Coolfront Agreements at



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