Maintenance Agreements, A Good Business Decision - Part 5

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    By Jim D'Amico


    In Part 4 of this series, we discussed collecting monthly or annually for your agreement sales and PCI compliance for credit card collection.

    Now let’s look at some other important factors. Your goal should be to stand out above your competition and communicate your professionalism in every customer interaction.  Those attributes should be visible in all your maintenance agreement marketing materials. Professionally-designed and printed brochures, sell sheets and reminder cards displaying important information about your agreement plans will go a long way toward convincing the customer that system maintenance is very important and that your company is the right company to choose.

    Coolfront Agreements offers several different brochures, sell sheets and reminder cards that can be downloaded and customized with your company information and pricing.  Once configured, the artwork can then be sent to your local print shop for that truly professional look. It’s really that easy.

    We have discussed a great deal so far.  Once all that has been accomplished, it’s time to start selling your maintenance agreements to your customers.  This is where the entire company needs to get behind your maintenance agreement program to make it a success. Owners, managers, office staff, technicians and installers need to fully understand the value of maintenance agreements for the customers, but also understand the importance of the agreement program to your company.

    A general manager of a professional hockey team once said that it was everybody’s job to fill the arena for every home game.  The same holds true for your company.  It becomes everyone’s job to grow your maintenance agreement sales from the owners to the field staff.

    A great way to encourage your employees to sell maintenance agreements is to offer a commission on every agreement that is sold.  Now you can encourage, cajole or even threaten your staff, but in the world of sales nothing works like cash.

    You should start by adding whatever your commission will be to the cost of the maintenance agreement.  We suggest perhaps $15 or $20 commission for each agreement sold. You’ll need to track the sales for every employee.  At a regular monthly staff meeting you can then pull out a wad of $5 bills. Each individual that has earned a commission is called by name and your job is to slap those $5 bills into each employee’s hand, one at a time, as everyone in the meeting counts out loud as the total commission increases.

    It’s a fun activity, it’s a team building activity and it makes the slackers take notice that everyone around earned more money than they did.  It helps to motivate everyone to sell more. Be sure to let your staff know that commissions will be tracked and payroll taxes will be deducted and submitted to keep Uncle Sam happy.

    Part 6 of Maintenance Agreements, A Good Business Decision will discuss some of the challenges in getting your maintenance agreement program up and running and sustaining success.

    Already have a maintenance agreement program and want to grow it?  Check out our maintenance agreement marketing and management system, Coolfront Agreements at




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