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    By Stephanie Gordon, New AC Unit

    Many HVAC companies have been around long enough to have experienced marketing their business using traditional techniques.

    During those times when the idea of buying AC units online didn’t exist yet, an HVAC company would do well to conduct direct mail campaigns, get listed in the Yellow Pages, sending out flyers and postcards, and if they have the budget for it, advertise on television.

    If they failed to do any of the above, then few people would know about their existence, much less avail of their products and services.

    Thankfully, HVAC companies now have an alternative: the Internet. Traditional marketing methods may have proven effective over the years, but digital marketing has provided businesses of all sizes and shapes a platform that is, in the end, more cost-effective and far-reaching.

    Many HVAC companies have already gotten a headstart in the digital marketing game, while some are only just beginning. If you’re an HVAC contractor and you’re considering marketing your business over the Internet, here are some ways you can get your HVAC business noticed online.

    Create a website

    If you want your company to establish a strong online presence, there is no better way to do it than to put up a website.

    Your website is essentially the face of your business online. It gives you a place to show off what you have to offer, as well as a platform that supports your efforts at providing customer service, launching marketing campaigns, building relationships with clients, and promoting brand recognition.

    For your website to be effective at getting your HVAC business noticed, it must be well-designed. When your website is easy to navigate, has great content, and plenty of whitespace, among other things, people will tend to spend more time on your site and boost your chances of getting leads and ultimately, conversions.

    Do SEO

    A website is only the first step towards getting noticed online. Getting your website noticed is a different thing altogether. A website is a great marketing tool, but it still needs to be marketed itself to get more traffic and eventually rank better in the search engine results pages of SERPs.

    With the competition in the HVAC industry getting stiffer, you are going to need to optimize your website to stand out from the rest and get noticed by Google.

    Once you get Google’s attention with the SEO work you do on your website, your chances of ranking high on the SERPs grows. Higher rankings mean a higher probability of getting clicked by search engine users. And if your website is well designed and optimized, people will stay longer on your website, and getting leads and conversions from them won’t be far behind.

    Anyone can give search engine optimization a try, but for the best possible results, it’s always best to get the services of a reputable SEO company.

    Go on social media

    These days, having a website and a social media account at the same time for your HVAC business is practically a must. Sharing pages from your business website on your Facebook or Twitter accounts would be great. The same goes for using Instagram to show the world what you can offer as an HVAC professional. Websites and social media pages complement each other perfectly, and this perfect combination can give your efforts to get noticed online a leg up.

    Claim your Google My Business profile

    Most HVAC companies are local businesses, and a business that serves a certain limited area can give its local SEO a boost by claiming its profile on Google My Business, a free listing service that can increase the visibility of your HVAC business online.

    When you claim your Google My Business profile, make sure that you provide all the pertinent information about your business, from your name, address, and contact numbers to business hours. You should also verify your profile to improve your chances for higher rankings in search results.

    Set up a referral program

    Any business that provides products and services can always use a good referral program to catch the attention of existing customers and potential ones alike.  It’s an organic way for your customers to spread the word about what you have to offer and how positive their experience was with you. With customers referring your business to their friends and family, your chances of getting new customers will get better.

    To give your referral program maximum exposure, you can feature it on your home page and put up a call-to-action there, or make a post about it on your social media account, or even make it the subject of an email marketing campaign.

    Email marketing

    Think of email marketing as just like direct mail campaigns, only more far-reaching and cost effective. There are many email marketing platforms out there that allow you to send out targeted messages and monitor and measure their results.


    Search advertising, also known as pay-per-click or PPC, is a very effective tool for generating leads online. PPC advertising provides results that can be tracked and measured easily, as well as tons of useful data. More importantly, PPC can help bring in more traffic and revenue.

    Since it only makes you pay when a user clicks on your PPC ad and gets to your website, PPC is also one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising.

    Post videos

    When you have the HVAC professionals on your team make videos of themselves in action and post them on your website, social media accounts, and other channels, you will be giving your visitors a sneak peek into what you do and how you do things. Videos are an incredibly effective way of getting attention and are indeed preferable to more people than lengthy articles about similar topics.

    The tips above are just some of the many ways that your HVAC business can get noticed online. While it’s true that the competition is getting more intense by the day, implementing these strategies should at least give you a fighting chance of catching the attention of both the search engines and potential customers.


    About The Author

    Stephanie Gordon is a content marketing specialist of New AC Unit. Aside from creating online content on energy-efficiency, Stephanie enjoys running and biking with her family and friends to stay fit.