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    By The Coolfront Content Team

    One of the most common statements in the service trades after “Have you made any money this year” is, “I can’t find qualified help”. The trouble is, we are all in the same leaking boat. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects we will have a shortage of qualified field staff for the foreseeable future. Ok, but what can we do today?

    There are qualified and experienced professional trade personnel to be had. If they are good, they are currently working for your competition. You need to provide the incentive attractive enough for them to come work for you.

    So how do you attract these skilled people? Provide the work environment that will attract them. Many of the top people are dissatisfied with their current situation and are looking for a better opportunity. What are your top competitors doing in this regard?

    Here are a few thoughts for you to consider:

    • Career path – A path of growth to better themselves and their families
    • Competitive compensation – Not necessarily the highest wage. Medical insurance, retirement plans, profit sharing, and vacation are all part of the mix.
    • Find what is important to your staff and potential hires.
    • Training opportunities – I’m afraid if I invest money into training my employees, they will turn around and leave. What happens if you don’t train and they stay?
    • Both technical and customer satisfaction training.
    • 21st Century Company – Technology such as tablets, cell phones and GPS to increase information and productivity in the field.
    • Professional - Uniform program, tool program, Flat Rate Pricing
    • Valued input – Communicate, listen to your employees, they are a valued player within the company.
    • Variety – Would you survive on a steady diet of routine maintenance work? Who said only the new hires should be the ones to perform routine maintenance?
    • Support – On-call schedule equitable for all service personnel and access to experienced individuals as needed to solve problems.
    • Flexible schedule – Consumers are expecting expanded operating hours. Some of your employees might like other than an 8 – 5 schedule.

    You say you can’t afford to offer these incentives? You can’t afford not to in order to attract and keep the best in your field.

    This is where Flat Rate Pricing for your service business plays a role.

    For more information, contact the folks at Coolfront Technologies with Coolfront Mobile that serves the HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Industries to see how this system of quoting repair fees can help you achieve your goals. www.coolfront.com or 888-229-4100.

    For additional reading on this topic, check out the NEWS article.

    What are you offering that will attract the top professionals in your industry? The people you are looking for are out there. You just need to provide the environment that will attract them.



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