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    By Hailey Mastin

    Hailey Mastin Headshot

    So you are interested in the Coolfront Google Calendar Integration- great to hear!  I’m sure you have a few questions on how it actually works and how it will save you time.  Here are some of our top questions below for this add on feature:

    • Do I need a Google Email (Gmail) account to integrate with Coolfront?
        • Yes, a Gmail account is required for the Google Calendar integration; however, you would only need one Gmail account for this to work. 
    • Do each of my techs need a gmail account?
        • No, we recommend having one Gmail account set up for the office or dispatcher. If you use Gmail for your work email addresses, we recommend selecting an info@ or a dispatcher’s address.
    • Can I sync Work Orders to other email domains (hotmail, outlook, etc)?
        • While Coolfront itself cannot sync with the various email domains out there, you can use the Google Calendar Share settings to extend Work Order invitations to those other address domains.
    • What details from the Work Orders push to Google Calendar? Will notes appear in Google Calendar?
        • Details that parse over to Calendar invites include the Name, Phone Number, Address, and the Reason for the Call. Other details will not appear on the invite though can be viewed in Coolfront itself.
    • I adjusted a Work Order on the Google Calendar for more than the allotted 1 hour time frame. Will that relate back to Coolfront?
        • Coolfront defaults all work orders to 1 hour. You can change invites once the work order syncs to Google Calendar.  Be aware that if any changes are made to the work order in Coolfront, the Google Calendar invite will default back to 1 hour.
    • Can I use the calendar for scheduling purposes so I don’t have to use a Work Order in Coolfront?
        • Yes, you can create Google Calendar invites that do not parse back to Coolfront and use a work order. Simply create invitations directly on the calendar and select the Tech/Color that invite needs to associate with.
    • If I enter a work order in Google Calendar, will it appear in Coolfront?
      • Anything you create on Google Calendar will not parse back to Coolfront. You can only create work orders from the Coolfront app to sync to Google Calendar. The only information that can change/transfer back is if you drag and drop the work order on the Google Calendar.

    If you haven’t taken a look at our webinar for the Google Calendar integration, you can review it here.  We get a bit further into the features and uses of the tool!


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