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    By Anastasia Harold


    When it comes to technology, I’m not an early adopter. But I finally started to hook up my place with some cool home technology. Here’s what I went for, and how it went:

    • Monitored home security - For an incredibly reasonable price, I got a pretty beefy home security system. I can arm and disarm the system from my smartphone. The peace-of-mind is amazing when you hear a weird noise at night, or wonder if you left a door unlocked.
    • Video Doorbell - I bought a video doorbell. It’s actually an add-on to my monitored home security system. The best benefit of the doorbell is the notifications to my phone and Apple Watch every time someone rings the bell. It’s best when I’m doing yard work and can’t hear the doorbell from outside. It even snaps a picture and saves it so I can see my Amazon deliveries!
    • Security Camera - In addition to my home security system, I purchased a separate security camera. For a mere $40, I can view my house anytime and anywhere I want from my iPhone. It has night vision, pan and zoom, 2-way microphone, cloud storage, motion detection and much more. I’ll probably buy another one as soon as I get the “hang” of this one.
    • USB outlets - When your dad is an electrician, you’re going to get some cool electrical stuff for the house. My dad installed a few USB outlets, making charging a WHOLE lot easier.

    I’ve got a pretty long wish list, too. Highest on the list is a wifi thermostat and some smart light bulbs.

    Do you have any smart home gadgets? Got any recommendations? For more posts on smart technology check out blogs here and here


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