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    By Briana Yesu

    Benefits to Add-ons

    Whether it’s the slow season affecting your business or your customer’s needs that are changing, add-ons can be a great option to grow your business. Want to increase your revenue, but aren’t sure which service to add? Here are some benefits to consider.


    In today’s competitive world being different is a good thing, it helps you stand out from other businesses. Consumers often choose a company based on it’s services, but often times it can be frustrating when everyone’s offers are so similar. Having additional services can make you more memorable even if they don’t need those services this time.

    Increase customer value

    When customers have an issue, they want a company they can trust. Why not become a one-stop-shop? If customers are already getting one service from you, it’s more convenient for them to purchase their other solutions with your company as well. Don’t devalue the benefit from these add-ons just because they weren’t the customer’s original issue. 

    Grow your customer base

    Add-ons can also expand the number of customers you serve. As more problems are resolved, there can be more problems to be solved. Reaching new customers through these services can bring in more revenue and possible future customers to your regular services as well.

    Eliminate slow season

    If you think outside the box, there are tons of options for add-ons during the typical slow season. An example of this can be mold cleaning, which might not be your typical business, but can bring in some serious cash when your employees would normally be looking for work to do.

    The right time

    Figuring out what to add to your business is half the battle. Before you begin implementing add-ons, you have to make sure they have the right fit for your business. Knowing the difference between a creative solution and a mismatch in services can be the difference between increased revenue and a waste of time and effort. Make sure your team is cross-trained and informed on these services before offering them. If the add-ons aren’t understood or aren’t correctly offered to your customers, they can often get forgotten about and won’t be as successful. However, when used correctly, they can add multiple benefits to your business. For more on upgrades and add-ons check out our webinar: Psychology 101 on Upgrades/Add-Ons vs Discounts.




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