Where to Find New HVAC Technicians?

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    By Tom Talbot

    1Where to Find New HVAC Technicians?

    Train Them In-House

    According to the US Department of Labor HVAC jobs are projected to grow 15%  in the next 10 years. Know where the industry can find 115,000 new HVAC professionals? The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the industry will need that many new recruits to meet  2022 demand. To make matters more challenging half of the current technicians and installers will retire in the next 10 years. Bye bye Baby Boomers.  But most high school kids are encouraged to go to college. So what’s the fallout?

    A lot of student loans that graduates will struggle to pay. And a lot of solid jobs left unfilled. Which brings us to the task at hand. How can a company find potential HVAC employees? Many companies are turning to training the rookies in house. Find a good employee with a solid work ethic and a desire to learn and training them by their senior technicians.

    Reitmeier is a commercial HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance services business based in Oregon. They decided to do something about the declining numbers in HVAC industry by launching their own 4-year training school called Reitmeier University. It allows new HVAC workers to get trained and certified as they learn on the job. Each graduate is guaranteed a good, high-paying job after graduating and they earn money getting educated instead of paying a college to educate them.

    The demand for hiring professional technicians is only going to get more competitive. Consider looking outside the box when looking for new recruits. It’s worked well for Reitmeier.



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