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    By Will Housh, HVAC.com

    Consumers are flocking to websites to make purchases.  More and more, they’re leaving brick and mortar retail locations behind. While the HVAC industry has traditionally sold products and services in person, taking advantage of the ecommerce boom will help heating and cooling contractors enhance customer experience while increasing business revenues.  Savvy HVAC contractors are adding online shopping options to their company websites to offer heating and air conditioning products and services to their customers via a convenient ecommerce experience.

    Trends in Ecommerce

    Ecommerce sales are growing, at a whopping rate of a 246.15 percent increase by 2021. The majority of purchase decisions in-store are influenced by ecommerce.

    The heating and air conditioning industry is no different. According to ACHR News, a growing number of homeowners are purchasing HVAC equipment online before turning to contractors for installation service. Contractors need to recognize the ecommerce trend in purchasing and take action in capturing these online sales themselves.

    The HVAC industry is going mobile – more contractors are using smartphones and iPads or tablets in the field to complete customer transactions in the home. Doing so eliminates paperwork and wait times, allowing homeowners to access the products and services they need quickly.

    Expanding Purchase Options for Homeowners

    Even with technology in the hands of technicians and sales staff, you still have to be in the home to make sales with these methods. Adding ecommerce for your HVAC business adds convenience, allowing homeowners to access select product and service offerings whenever they want, wherever they want.

    Traditionally, homeowners have had to schedule sales calls to learn about their heating, cooling, and indoor air quality options. For many, this requires time out of their day – adding inconvenience from the get-go, which is not the way you want to start your customer service experience.

    With ecommerce, your HVAC company is able to offer consumables such as furnace filters and water panels, as well as service offerings such as spring or fall system tune-ups, duct cleaning, or whole house humidifier installation right on your company website. Customers can learn everything they need to know from your website, and purchase directly from you, at a time it’s convenient for them.

    Contractor Commerce for HVAC Companies

    Contractor Commerce is a new technology that allows you to sell HVAC products and services to your customers directly through your company’s website. This ecommerce platform plugs in to your existing website to create an online shopping experience where customers can purchase your products and services without the service call.  Best of all, the Contractor Commerce team handles all stocking, shipping, payment processing and other logistics so your customers can buy products like furnace filters and have them delivered to their front porch with no extra work from your team!

    Recently, Thompson Heating & Cooling implemented their own Contractor Commerce online store on their website.  Check out https://trustthompson.com/ and click the “SHOP” link at the top-right of the page to see their live online store!

    Contractor Commerce helps you improve your customer service experience and expand your business:

    • Boost revenue by selling products and services directly via the Web.
    • Sell any products and services you want, set your own prices and margins to increase revenues.
    • Cut costs and operational hassle, eliminating the need to stock filters, replacement parts, and other supplies through drop shipping capabilities.
    • Deliver value and an enhanced customer experience, adding convenience through 24/7 online accessibility for purchases.
    • Position your company as a tech-savvy innovator, offering an experience your competitors don’t!
    • Keep customers shopping on your website – no 3rd party links for checkout or shopping, it’s all on your company’s website.

    Sign up for free and the Contractor Commerce team will help you get your own online store on your website like Thompson Heating & Cooling has on their website.  Setup is easy and can be completed in just minutes. In no time at all, your products and services are positioned in front of online shoppers who are ready to buy!

    Start Expanding Your HVAC Business Now

    Reaching customers through channels convenient to them is critical for the growth of your HVAC business. Utilizing technology to enhance customer experience builds trust and satisfaction with homeowners. An excellent customer service experience and shining customer reviews are gold in the HVAC industry. Contractor Commerce helps you deliver that experience and stand out from your competition.

    Contractor Commerce is free to sign up!  You don’t pay unless you are making money through online sales. Your heating and air conditioning business has nothing to lose.  Request a demo today and learn how you can get a modern online store on your HVAC company website!




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