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    By Tom Talbot


    It makes good financial sense to constantly strive to become more efficient as a company.  Ultimately, more efficiency equals greater profits. Let’s look at 3 proven ways to increase your workplace efficiency.

    1. Use Social Technologies Internally

    The potential of social technologies is largely untapped. A McKinsey study states that the average interaction worker* spends 28 percent of their time on emails and 20 percent searching for company information or looking for colleagues. Tools such as Glip and Slack can make communication more efficient and organized across a business. Uberflip is a platform that organizes all company content for quick retrieval when needed internally or for an existing or potential client.  Companies that have a high amount of interaction workers can see dramatic value incorporating new technologies--increasing productivity by 20 percent or more.

    2 Keep Employees Happy

    Happy employees are a staple of successful companies.  It’s basic common sense--if employees feel appreciated and satisfied, they will work harder and stay more engaged. This was backed up by the University of Warwick’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy. In their study, productivity rose 12 percent when shown a short comedy movie or given food and drink. Conversely, the more miserable the employee the poorer the performance. Productivity and efficiency go hand in hand. You’ve heard the saying “happy wife, happy life?” Same thing goes for employees.

    3. Improve (or Ditch) Your Meetings

    Everyone gets it, meetings are a necessary evil. Brandeis University provided some surprising numbers on inefficient meetings. 47 percent of employees rank meetings as their largest time waster and distraction. That’s a big number considering that 37 percent of an employee’s time is spent in meetings. Not only that but there is a lot of preparation time that goes into a meeting before it even occurs. More than half-an-hour a day is spent trying to schedule meetings. The price tag for unnecessary meetings? 37 billion dollars in salary hours. So what can you do? Brandeis University offers four ways to streamline meetings.

    • Utilize stand-up meetings (more efficient, requires less time; Microsoft is a big fan)
    • Put the kibosh on status report meetings (use a communications tool like Glip mentioned earlier)
    • Have an agenda for every meeting (keeps the meeting on point)
    • Take issues offline (when there’s an issue that doesn’t require everyone in the meeting)

    Check out their cool infographic here.

    We Can Help!

    How can Coolfront help you become more efficient? The entire app was built with efficiency in mind. No more paper tickets, no more disorganized notes on clients. The Coolfront Mobile app streamlines the entire process from dispatch to work order management to integration with popular platforms such as QuickBooks Online. Claim your 50 free work orders today.


    *Jobs that require a lot of time interacting with other people such as customer support reps, managers, teachers, salespeople, etc.