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    By Nate Winans

    Nate_W.pngDropBox is a very simple tool, it’s just a file holding and sharing app that works on nearly every phone, tablet and computer on the market today. But there’s so much more that it can do for you! The first being that it integrates with Coolfront Mobile, your full work order management tool. The second is that it’s going to hold all of your pictures, documents, files, reports; whatever you need to save, DropBox can save it for you.

    There’s a few different accounts that you can have with DropBox that will determine how much you spend on the service. With different prices come different features, isn’t that how it always goes? Before digging in too deep about features and prices, there needs to be an idea of just how much space something takes up. 

    Storage!? How much storage are we talking?

    To breakdown the measurement of stored information, here’s a scale to give you an idea of smallest to largest. KB stands for kilobyte, MB stands for megabyte, GB stands for gigabyte, TB stands for terabyte, PB stands for petabyte. To get very technical: 1,024KB=1MB, 1,024MB=1GB, 1,024GB=1TB. 1TB is equivalent to all of the information in all of the books in a large library or 1,610 CDs worth of data. So that being said, 1,024TB=1PB. So for reference, 1 photo will take up roughly 1.2MB and you’d need roughly 715 photos to reach 1GB. 

    Account Types and Pricing:

    This pricing information comes directly from DropBox and if you’d like to check it out further, follow this link! http://bit.ly/2rV1djm 

    In their Basic (free) account, you’ll receive your 2GB of space, access to it anywhere that has internet service, the ability to upload pictures directly from your camera and the ability to scan documents and upload them. You can share folders and it does come with limited support. 

    Their Plus account includes 1TB of space, access anywhere that has internet service, the ability to use it offline, uploading with your camera, document scanning, sharing folders, and priority support. 

    The Professional account still has the 1TB of space, access anywhere, smart sync so you’re always up to date, the ability to search documents through a smart search, offline access, uploading pictures and files still, sharing folders/links, history of who’s been in the account, and super priority support where if you snap, they’re there! 

    DropBox and Coolfront:

    Back to the main purpose of this article, how and why would you want DropBox and Coolfront to work together? We get questions all the time about tracking types of equipment and make, model, serial number, etc. Well, wouldn’t it be nice to take a picture of that piece of equipment and store it right on that customer’s work order so it will always be there? With DropBox and Coolfront you can! On your Coolfront work orders, you’ll have the ability to take a picture or upload a file right from your phone, tablet or computer. This will not only upload the picture to your Coolfront work order, it will also upload it directly to your DropBox account. You’ll be able to manage your DropBox account so if you’re ever running out of storage, hitting 2,000 photos is hard, you’ll be able to manage that space! 

    To learn more about DropBox, please follow the link provided to be taken directly to their website. http://bit.ly/1gFCHjq 

    To learn more about Coolfront and how it can help your business be more profitable, efficient and consistent, please check out our resources page to learn more.


    If you’re interested in scheduling a demo, please email sales@coolfront.com or call 888-229-4100.

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