3 reasons to use Google Chrome and Safari with Coolfront

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    By Anastasia Harold

    With contributions & editorial assistance from Coolfront Technolgies IT department

    Let's give some thought to our internet browser. As of 2014, here's the market share of browsers:

    Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera are fighting for your business. Internet Explorer has been on a slow decline in popularity since the early 2000s. On the internet, this is dubbed "Browser Wars"

    Now, after decades, Microsoft is replacing Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge (according to Ars Technica)

    Different browsers are better for different kinds of surfing. But there's 3 BIG reasons why you should use Coolfront in Safari (for Mac/iOs users) or Google Chrome (for PC and Android users)...

    1. Web app features - Chrome and Safari make the best use of local storage and web databases. To use Coolfront offline and get faster performance, you need local storage.
    1. Functionality - Your browser turns lines of code into a website. It's a translator of sorts. Chrome and Safari better align themselves with industry standards. Check out some software developer humor on that over here!
    1. Convenience - Safari and Chrome will sync across platforms and devices. This will provide a lot of convenience to users. According to PC magazine, Miscrosoft may change this in the future for Internet Explorer to sync across platforms. I won't be holding my breath.

    The verdict?

    If you use a PC or Android device, use Chrome. If you use an Apple device, use Safari. If you use something else, you probably don't need tips from me!



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