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    By Nate Winans


    First things first

    First things first, welcome to Coolfront! You’ve done your research, you’ve seen the videos, and you’ve experienced the demo. Now’s the time to get started in the free trial and get things up and running. This is also the perfect time to get in touch with myself, “Flat-Rate Nate,” so I can provide training for your office staff, and then we can move on to train your technicians. This is not just a one day event, nor will you be an expert in Coolfront by the end of your first week using it. However, you will have a much better grasp of the program and you’ll be able to train and answer questions for your fellow employees.

    The first 10 days

    You’re in, things are happening! When you get to work you log in and think about running your first service call through Coolfront...but you end up waiting until tomorrow to run the first one. It’s ok, this isn’t meant to overwhelm you and pressure you into using the program. That’s why the free-trial doesn't expire. You have time to work through the program at your leisure.

    By this point, you should have ran at least 5 real service calls with Coolfront Mobile. You should be asking your employees for their feedback of the program, seeing what questions come up, and seeing the difference right away in your profits, efficiency and pricing consistency among technicians.

    You should be integrated with Quickbooks, if you’re using Quickbooks of course. You should be integrated with Google Calendar, and you should have all of your rates incorporated and things should be moving along nicely!

    Your first 20 days

    It’s the end of your first 20 days using the program, and sit down for this if you aren’t already: take a look at your profits! Comparing the same service calls of time and material to your now flat-rate pricing, you’ll see a dramatic difference. You should have less headaches, less stress, more efficiency in the office, and much more organization compared to before. Look back at the 20 days and reflect, this is your moment of glory and where things continue to pick up!

    30 Days and still going strong

    It’s said that it takes 30 days to either make or break your habit. This is your time. You’ve been using Coolfront and running service calls for a month now and now’s the time to never look back. Continue using and running service calls with the most trusted service in the HVAC, electrical and plumbing industry.

    All training and support is included with Coolfront, and we’re always happy and willing to help. So don’t be a stranger!


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