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    By Nate Winans

    Customer Service, one of the least recognized industries yet one of the best to work in. On a daily basis we interact with many different people from all across the country; there aren’t many jobs that give you that type of interaction—or satisfaction. Sending emails and making/taking calls is all part of the process. Being resilient persistent, driven and outgoing is the mentality needed here at Coolfront. The environment is fun, inviting, purposeful and joyful while knowing that you're actually making a difference in a company.

    When a customer or potential customer responds, we try to respond as quickly as possible to provide them with excellent customer service, since well, that’s the main job here at Coolfront! Reaching out over and over is all part of the "game" here. Otherwise, our customers could find one of our competitors.

    We understand as well as anyone that the HVAC, electrical and plumbing trades are a go-go-go type of industry and it’s tough to catch people at the right time. 

    If you're joining our team, you'll join Brett Worden, Judy Hull and Derek Richardson. These folks are always willing to help and answer any questions!