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    By Tom Talbot



    That’s the word I heard over and over again at the Uberflip Conext Content Experience Conference in Toronto, Canada, in August. Create a better customer experience and it will lead to more sales.

    Here at Coolfront Technologies we recently signed up with Uberflip, a content experience platform company. Our challenge? We had all kinds of great content we were churning out daily including blogs, videos, infographics and whitepapers, yet it was difficult to find it on our site. Uberflip is our great organizer. They invited us to come to their offices and attend their 2nd yearly content marketing conference. Over 300 marketers enjoy 2 days of keynotes and presentations, all revolving around the content marketing experience. This was right up our alley.

    Let’s start with the city of Toronto. It’s a madhouse! Much like New York City there is no weekend. The restaurants were jam packed on Monday just like they were on Friday and Saturday. I’m told the bars were too. Just not enough time, especially that one right across the street from our hotel. No time at all... And the Uber drivers dodging the line of bikers that seem to be everywhere. I’m not sure Evel Knievel faced more danger than the workers driving their bikes to and from work every day. (I don’t want to think about that in the winter.)

    Let’s get to just a few of the memorable speakers and key takeaways. You can check out all of the speakers here.

    Ann Handley from MarketingProfs pointed out a flaw in the creation of marketing content. Content usually starts with “We need to create a piece for this…” What we really should be asking is “What does the customer need?” An action item I gained from this is to talk to our sales people answering the phones all day and ask them what we should be creating based on customer needs.

    Andy Crestodina, Orbit Media, brought up some interesting thoughts on repurposing content and making content better. One suggestion he made that I will definitely implement, concerns answering emails. Many times all the questions you answer on a daily basis can be used as new content. Makes sense. So whenever you answer a question--save it and keep it in a document for a later content piece. So simple yet so useful. He also recommends taking the testimonial page off your website (no one reads it!) and using testimonials everywhere throughout your website.

    Far and away the most entertaining speaker at the content marketing conference was Beverly Jackson from MGM Resorts in Vegas. Much of her job centers around creating memorable experiences for her customers. One of the stats that shocked me was that 70 percent of MGM’s revenue in non-gaming related. Their goal is to entertain their guests through experiences throughout all of MGM’s properties. She showed several examples of their videos. One takeaway is to build your content around current trends. Another great point was to leverage every piece of content into multiple pieces.  

    An interesting speaker was Amanda Todorovich of Cleveland Clinic. Named 2016 Content Marketer of the Year, she took us through how they focus on health, wellness and clinical content. They do this using a conversational tone and everyday language to help people stay healthy.  

    In the final keynote Microsoft CMO, Grad Conn, woke up the audience by stating that marketers must anticipate the future because it will change marketing on a dime. Stay technical or you will become irrelevant.

    Creating an experience gets people talking about you organically. Conex did just that this year in Toronto. Looking forward to the Coolfront/Uberflip content marketing experience that our users will experience every time they visit our site.



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