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Running your business using smartphones and tablets is a game changer! By taking your business digital, you can take the hassle and confusion out of things and take your service business to the next level.

By Derek Richardson, Coolfront Inside Sales & Support Specialist More service businesses are looking to capture customer information digitally and upgrade their outdated systems. How about you? Do you find yourself missing customer invoices or having customer’s call in with questions you can’t answer due to unorganized records? Are you still struggling to decipher sloppy…

Another “Roaring 20’s” is upon us, but this roar is not of the calendar type witnessed in the last century.

The roar, detected by Pew Research Center and reported on by Elizabeth Weise in USA Today, is about the preferences of young people, all just about in their twenties, when it comes to smart devices.

Your handy cellphone might be able to do more than you give it credit for.

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What struck me when I heard about the Apple Watch was the simple fact that Steve Jobs took the watch off your wrist with the iPhone and now Apple’s present CEO, Tim Cook, is trying to put it back on.

If you find yourself needing a “pocketful of sunshine” over the next few months of summertime, then this list is sure to brighten your day.

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