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    By Tom Talbot


    In the business world we have all heard about the importance of consistency in business. Make sure your products are consistent, make sure your hiring practices are consistent. But how does consistency convert to actual dollars and cents? Allow me to show you 4 ways!

    1. Consistency leads to happier (and more productive) employees

    Employees expect consistency from their company. They want clear policies so they know what’s expected of them. If employees are happy in their job they will be more productive. A recent study from the University of Warwick shows that employees work harder when they like their job; 12 percent harder. Makes sense right? And when employees do not like their job it shows in their work by a 13 percent drop in production. That’s a 25 percent swing in performance which amounts to a significant dollar value. Unhappy employees also lead to high turnover which can kill a company on the books.

    1. Consistency facilitates growth

    If your business is consistently producing a quality product or service, it’s easier to scale and expand the business. We see the importance of consistency everyday in the growth of franchises.

    1. Consistency in appearance helps your brand

    Whether it’s your brand logo, colors, social media or website consistency is vital. Customers (and potential customers) like a consistent look and feel. If your website is super serious and your social media is fun and light it sends mixed signals to the consumer. Consumers trust brands they are familiar and comfortable with. According to a survey by Lucidpress, that included over 200 organizations, average revenue increased by more than 20 percent if the brand was presented consistently.   

    1. Consistency allows you to measure success and set goals

    When the entire business is “on the same page” this allows a company to keep track of what they are doing right and what they can improve upon. It also allows a company to set benchmarks. Conversely, if things are inconsistent and all over the board, it makes it tough to measure how well the company is doing.


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