How the Apple Watch can Change your Life

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    By Anastasia Harold

    Anastasia Harold.jpgWhen the Apple Watch was first announced, I couldn’t wait to get one. I swore I would be the first person I knew to sport the latest wearable tech. But when it actually hit the market, I changed my mind. 

    Finally, after patiently waiting, I got the Series 2 this summer. I’ll be honest, it changed my life. 

    Like most people my age, I’m glued to my phone every waking moment. My watch brings my phone calls, emails and texts to my wrist so I never miss an important communication. And, I no longer need to have my phone with me all the time when I’m around the house. I can respond to text messages, answer calls, see the temperature and even my next calendar appointment in a single glance. 


    Also, I’m a bit of a news junkie. I like to be the first to know when something happens. Getting news alerts to my watch is less distracting than my phone. 

    My smart doorbell is hooked up to my watch, so if I am in the backyard gardening, I know when someone’s at the door. 

    Most of my apps have special “complications,” or faces. My American Airlines app displays a countdown to my flight boarding. It’s invaluable when I’m running through the airport and don’t have an extra hand to reach in my pocket for my phone or boarding pass. I can have different watch faces depending on the day.  On the weekends, I like to keep it on a picture of my cats.


    But perhaps most importantly are those fitness rings.


    The Apple Watch doesn’t use the standard “steps” per day as measurements. Instead, 

    there are 3 rings. 

    Move: Red Ring. Move measures general movement, including walking. 

    Exercise: Green Ring. Anything from a brisk walk to a high intensity workout counts toward your exercise goal. Mine is 30 minutes a day. 

    Stand: Blue Ring. Stand makes sure you don’t sit for more than 1 hour at a time, 12 hours a day.

    IMG_6359.pngThe goals are “smart,” so you have an option to increase them each week based on last week’s performance. The weekly summary reminds you how you did and encourages you to do better the next week. It even reminds me throughout the day if I’ve normally made more progress by a certain time. 

    Since I got my watch, I started working out almost every day. My watch even goes in the pool with me for pool exercise. I’ve never been able to stick with a workout plan or a diet, but with my measurements taken automatically on my wrist, it’s way easier to bounce back after missing a workout or two. In the past, I was prone to giving up… 

    I know my watch does a LOT more than what I use it for. Seems like I find a new feature every day. Do you have an Apple Watch? What’s your favorite tip or trick?

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